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Poggio June Newsletter

Contact job changes, breaking news, and more coming soon

Friends of Poggio,

Hope you’re all staying cool as we wrap up Q2 and head into the heat of the summer!

In this issue of the Poggio Newsletter: helpful tips on using Poggio tasks, a deeper look at our new citations feature, user love from sales leadership, plus some of our favorite sales podcasts for your next summer road trip.

First, a quick ask. User love is what gets us up in the morning. If Poggio helped move the needle for you this quarter, our team would love to hear about it - give us a shoutout on LinkedIn and we’ll send you some exclusive swag!

Just tag Poggio in your post and we’ll get in touch.

Coming soon: job changes, breaking news, and more insights in the Poggio digest

With every change comes opportunity, and that’s where the Poggio digest shines. Digest is a new tab designed to show you the latest news and team changes involving your target accounts so you can have timely, relevant conversations with prospects.

New exec announcements, data breaches, acquisitions - you’ll find it all in the digest tab. Coming soon to your Poggio workspace - follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest updates.

Poggio digest, coming soon.

We’re thrilled to share that Poggio is featured in this year’s Enterprise AI 55 list by renowned venture firm IVP. The list highlights leading AI startups recommended by enterprise operators, with a special focus on “companies with significant enterprise traction and growth.”

Thanks so much to you, Poggio users, for your support. Our mission is to help sellers win by building the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable understanding of your prospects and customers.

Task spotlight: POV starter

It’s no secret that the most successful enterprise sellers approach every account with a point of view - a unique, educated perspective on the state of their prospect’s business, problems they might be facing, and how they can help. Poggio’s POV starter task was built to give you a head start in building this perspective.

Think of tasks as individual pieces of research that Poggio runs when building an account plan. The POV starter task surfaces an account’s key challenges and growth opportunities and builds an executive summary you can use as the foundation for engaging with decision-makers.

For any account in your Poggio workspace, navigate to the Account Plan tab to view the POV starter.

POV starter.

In case you missed it: source citations

Our new citations feature is now available to all Poggio users. In case you missed it, citations give you direct access to the source of truth behind Poggio’s account research. Not only do citations provide verified, high-trust research - they also include links to primary sources, arming you with content to share with prospects directly.

Forbes articles, industry reports, press releases - copy any link from a citation and start building trust with your prospects.

Poggio user love

One of the most exciting things about building Poggio is when we get user love from sales leadership and seasoned AEs, folks who have seen the ups and downs of sales technology.

Here are a few that particularly brightened our day:

“It’s uncanny what Poggio can find. It puts you in the driver’s seat to have a great conversation.”

Director of Sales, Workday

“I used Poggio to create a business priorities slide and my prospect said ‘This is absolutely spot on’.”

Enterprise Account Executive, Snowflake

The podcast corner

We’ll leave you with two podcast episodes that have been stuck in our brains recently, both featuring the legend John McMahon.

John’s experience as a five-time CRO really shines through on this episode of The Logan Bartlett Show, where he talks through his perspective on process in enterprise sales and building the highest-performing sales teams in software at companies like PTC and BladeLogic. Check it out here.

On John’s own podcast, Revenue Builders, he and co-host John Kaplan take a look at the future of sales in the age of AI. Joined by James Underhill, Senior Director of Sales Innovation at MongoDB, this one is a really compelling look at how scaled sales teams are thinking about using AI - and just how far we have to go. Listen on YouTube here.

Know an enterprise AE that would love Poggio? Let them know that we’re still in early access and onboarding top AEs every day - just click on the early access form at poggio.io.

That’s all for now! Wishing you an awesome end of the quarter.


Team Poggio