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Poggio Holiday Update

As the year draws to a close and we celebrate the holiday season, we're excited to reflect on the year and to share a preview of what’s to come as we enter 2024.

Whether you’re spending this week getting a head start on Q1 or preparing to close Q4 strong, we hope you find some time to relax, reflect, and recharge with your loved ones.

Putting The Seller at the Center

At Poggio, we’re on a mission to revolutionize selling — making it easy for sellers to leverage the vast power of AI to build better and stronger customer relationships. Our goal is to help you understand your accounts better, uncover new revenue opportunities, and to accelerate your sales cycles. No one has built a product that is truly for the account executive, and we couldn’t do this without your continued trust and collaboration.

We’re excited by your response to Poggio and energized for the future by quotes like these from our early access users!

This is an easy button for AEs

Expanding Early Access

We’re looking for more top sellers to help shape the future of Poggio, and invite you to refer your friends and colleagues to our early access program! You can forward this email, introduce us to them, or direct them to our early access sign up page. Our early access users will have the opportunity to help define our product roadmap and the future of Poggio. You'll also get to test and provide feedback on new features ahead of the broader public.

Year In Review

Looking back, we’re excited by the progress we’ve made

  • Shipped V1 of the Poggio Sales AI Workspace and launched our early access program

  • Helping thousands of users across leading companies and well-known sales teams

  • Made large improvements to AI output performance and increased speed by 10x

  • Released task and template libraries, providing the ability to tailor Poggio to your needs

  • Enhanced chat with additional sources, including Google, LinkedIn, SEC documents, and more

  • Hundreds of hours in seller focus groups to ensure the right input shapes the roadmap

What’s Next

Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect from Poggio in the coming months

  • Pre-built and customizable templates for pre-call briefings, sales process, deal reviews, and account plans

  • Auto-account regeneration and monitoring so you’ll never miss relevant initiatives at your accounts

  • Team Workspaces to foster collaboration with your extended team

  • Integration with your existing revenue stack including tools like Salesforce, Gong, Email, and Calendar

  • Performance Boosts to make Poggio AI smarter, better, and faster

Your Voice Matters

Your feedback helps to guide everything that we do at Poggio. Whether you have a feature request, an idea for improvement, or just want to share your experience with our product, we're all ears! We're here to build a product that's loved by sales reps and your input is invaluable to helping us achieve that.


Team Poggio