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Poggio April Update

Faster, smarter, more configurable

Hello, Friends of Poggio! As many of you are closing out the quarter, we’re excited to share a number of updates in service of our company mission: helping sellers win!

Poggio is Now Faster & Smarter

We shipped a major update to the AI agent that powers Poggio this week, which will make your interactions with Poggio’s AI a lot faster, and a lot smarter. Accurate data matters, and so does speed. We hope that this will give you quicker insights, so you can get back to spending time with your customers. 

This one is better experienced than described– try adding a new account in Poggio today and watch it fly!

More Tailored AI

Out of the box, Poggio gives you strong outputs that match your solution to the needs of your customers. But we’re not stopping there: our goal has always been to have Poggio do the work of generating detailed, tailored, and specific results on the value you bring to each of your prospects and customers.

Our new product update is a major step towards this goal. Now, you can upload all your internal enablement materials - solution overviews, battle cards, talk tracks, playbooks, white papers, and more. Poggio will automatically incorporate those into its AI brain, using them as key inputs for the results it generates.

The result: even better, more focused, more useful sales AI. One that’s hyper-aware of the nuances of your solution and how that solution can benefit the companies you’re talking to.

Reach out to [email protected] for access to tailoring.

Poggio Overview Video

We say this often but it’s worth emphasizing: we’re not building Poggio for us, we’re building it for you.

To that end, we made this short overview video that shows you how to get the most out of Poggio. In under 3 minutes you can see how to maximize Poggio’s ability to help you win:

We’re hiring!

Poggio is growing, and we’re hiring for a few key roles. Know anyone who might fit? Interested in joining a collaborative, hard-working, and fun team that’s changing the way sellers work? Also keep an eye on our job board, as we have a number of upcoming roles we’ll be opening up.

Inaugural meetup

This month we hosted the first Poggio meetup. Users and friends gathered at Canopy Jackson Square in SF, where they shared ideas, made connections, ate food from Bi-Rite, and - in the brief windows between rain showers - enjoyed the outdoor patio.

Customer feedback

We can never reiterate this enough: we’re building Poggio for you. So we’re always thrilled when we get responses from customers. Here are some representative messages from the past few weeks:

But gotta say Poggio has been fire

It's netted me a a few meetings that are going to be big money

Hey Matt, thx for connecting and for the early access.

Your software is gold 🙌🏽

I'm deep in the Al strategy this is best tool l've seen for sales. Lmk how I can help support your mission.

Hey Matt!

Big GPT user here. I think what you put together is fantastic. Having all the prompts built out so that users only have to enter the account via URL is brilliant

I was doing all of this one prompt at a time

Oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with Poggio! I seriously LOVE this tool so much.

The POV and account plans you're able to create are incredible. I really don’t know how AEs are expected to write those on their own in a matter of a couple days after they get their new account lists. But with Poggio, it's done and better than most AEs can write up.

As always, we love hearing from you. That includes the good, the bad, and the “needs improvement.” Feel free to reach out any time at [email protected].

Team Poggio