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Poggio March Update

Meetup, new features, swag!

Hi everyone! We’re thrilled to share the newest Poggio product developments.

But first, it’s…

Our first Poggio meetup! 🎉

Over the past few months we’ve been onboarding lots of people to Poggio. There’s been so much interest and excitement, and we’re excited to host our first ever Poggio meetup! It’ll be a great opportunity to meet the Poggio team, chat with other users, and share success stories and ideas about what would make Poggio better. Plus have a little fun. If you’re in the Bay Area, please drop by!

All my account plans are due next week and I haven’t started”

Don’t worry, Poggio can help!

As more people introduce themselves to Poggio, we’ve been getting some amazing messages back. A few samples:

It’s not an overstatement to say that we are TOTALLY overwhelmed by all these positive responses. And we’re just getting started. If you haven’t tried Poggio, you can request access here.

We’d also appreciate hearing about what’s not working for you – what are we getting wrong & where can we be better?  Reach out any time to us at [email protected]

In the past month we’ve heard:

  • Larger sales teams asking for shared workspaces that are easier to navigate

  • Users wanting custom tasks (“task” = “work that Poggio does for you”)

Complimentary workspace tuning

Shared workspaces allow us to tailor Poggio’s knowledge, resulting in better performance that benefits your entire team.

Invite your teammates and drop us a line at [email protected]. We’ll tune your workspace, focusing on details of your product & service portfolio, your economic buyer & buying triggers, competitive advantages, and creation of custom tasks to further raise the bar for your team’s account research and planning across the board.

Better workspace organization

Your company probably has thousands of accounts you’re working. When they’re all in Poggio, it can make it difficult to find the accounts you’re interested in.

Now any time you log into your company’s shared workspace, the sidebar is your space to pin the accounts that are important to you. You can always search through any of the account plans in your company’s Poggio space. But your view stays clean and focused on the companies you’ve pinned.

Be sure to invite your team so that you can collaborate and review accounts in real time, and to share the power of Poggio. You can do this by clicking on your avatar in the top left sidebar, and selecting “invite members.”

AI-assist for creating custom tasks

It’s not quite the singularity, but it’s close!

In Poggio, a “task” is a piece of research and synthesis that the AI does for you. Poggio comes out of the box with 28 super-useful pre-built tasks. But what happens when you want to create a new task? You shouldn’t have to go read a textbook on LLM prompt engineering. Luckily, Poggio AI can help with that.

Just click “Create Task,” and enter a title and description, in straightforward English, of what you want Poggio’s AI to do for you. Poggio will generate an effective prompt for getting the information you want, together with a suggested structure for the output. (Of course you can adjust these if needed.)

You can add your new task to any of your templates or existing company pages.

Slack app

Check out the new Poggio Slack app to easily share content from Poggio in your Slack workspace.

When it comes to our roadmap, we’re always adjusting based on feedback from users. Why? Because our goal is always to make the most useful product for you.

Swag and other promotional things

Interested in some first-run Poggio swag?

We’d love to hook you up! Here are some ways:

  • Customer referrals: refer your friends to Poggio, and let us know

  • Candidate referrals: intro a great candidate for one of our open roles

We’re hiring!

Visit our jobs page for details.

As always, we love to hear from users, customers, sales nerds and AI enthusiasts. Send us your feedback, your feature requests, or your random thoughts — [email protected]


Team Poggio