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February Product Update

AI Powered Collaboration

Hi everyone! Before we share updates, we wanted to thank you, our users, for being extremely generous with your time and feedback. Building Sales AI that works for you is what gets us up in the morning, and every bit of feedback helps us make a transformative product.

Now… our new release includes a host of revamps (some major) that let you bring more of your work into Poggio and make it easy for you and your teams to work together.

We expanded the AI task library to make Poggio even more useful for strategic selling. You’ll love our completely re-designed company pages that seamlessly blend AI with your own rich-text notes. Finally, you can now join your teammates in shared workspaces and easily invite others.

These updates will roll out gradually to all users over the coming days.

A true AI workspace for Sales

Previously, Poggio gave you an individual workspace with a key pieces of information about the company you’re interested in: relevant contacts, industry trends, questions that directly address your prospect’s pain, etc.

To expand that information into a strategic account plan, you still had to copy it somewhere else – google doc or PPT, write value statements, develop a business case, etc., and share it with others.

No longer! Now page templates let you use AI to drive a full account plan. This plan template is customizable so you can tune it to include everything you and your team need to work a deal. You can use our suggested templates: "Overview," “Business Case,” “Differentiation,” “Account Plan,” and "Notes". Or create your own.

Animated image showing AI tasks embedded in a collaborative text editor, multiple people are typing simultaneously

With this release, you’re not just generating tailored account information with AI. You’re generating that information in a format that’s maximally useful to you, and that you can edit and update as much as you want.

Easier collaboration

As we all know, sales works best when it’s a team sport. That’s why “Win together” is one of our core company values! This new version of Poggio makes it easy to share information and keep everyone on the same page (literally).

Shared workspaces

Like Figma or Google Docs, you can now work in a Poggio space with as many people as you want, all at the same time. This makes it easy to create a shared account plan or a shared company page. Or for your team to edit any page together, in real time.

Logins and invites

We’ve also added new ways to login and invite people, so you can fit Poggio into your current business’ stack. New login methods include signing in with Microsoft, or using your email and a password, in addition to Google. You can also invite people by email or by sharing your workspace join link.

Screen shot of product UI showing team invite controls

More AI tasks

As we continue to build Poggio, we’re adding more and more AI tasks. (A task in Poggio is “something you want AI to do for you.”) Since the beginning, Poggio's default tasks were designed to help with account research and value mapping.

We shipped over a dozen new AI-powered workflows this week for all users, to act as a thought partner on competitive differentiation, assembling the business case for the sale, and building a unique point of view for the account.

Graphic showing a vertical stack of AI workflows, each with title and description. Product differentiators, Strategic positioning, Stakeholder alignment, Shared vision statement starter.

You can also author your own tasks and add them to pages and templates. This is especially useful for uncovering information specific to your industry. For example: a cyber-security vendor created a task that finds security breach disclosures for a target company that occurred within the past 18 months. They added this task to the page template, so reps can show up to calls knowing exactly what security problems that company has been dealing with, the value of solving those problems, and how their solution fits in.


We’re excited about these improvements, but they’re only the beginning!

As always, we love hearing about what we’re doing well or poorly, and getting your ideas and improvements. 

We’re always available to jump on a call. Or you can always drop your thoughts into an email to [email protected].

Team Poggio